Winter’s For-real, Actual Last Breath. I Hope.

Winter’s For-real, Actual Last Breath. I Hope.

SO. You know how seasons work, right? By and large, you move from one season to the next with relatively little fuss. Spring blooms give way to scorching summer heat, which eases into autumn breezes. Autumn rarely struggles against winter when it comes, but FOR SOME REASON winter just can’t seem to let spring come without a fight. In February, we had a week of 50-60º temperatures. Several 50º periods since then, often followed up sub-zero temperatures. And now this. Saturday APRIL FIRST we got 12″ of wet and heavy snow. Today, Sunday April 2nd? 59ºF and I’m running in shorts. DIRT I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Okay, okay, enough of me complaining about the weather, on to the week.


Monday: Rest. Well, technically I rode my fat bike in the freezing rain for 2mi. I was supposed to ride the 5k course (scheduled for this Saturday) with our lead rider, but he got a flat tire.

Tuesday: 8mi, 8:31/mi A surprisingly good run in the rain, with flooded streets.

Wednesday: 7mi, 8:30/mi. Here is where I first found out about the impending weather. I had to cut this run short by 3mi, as I spent most of the day emailing with USATF, the Police Dept, the school principal and the PTO Treasurer about what to do with the Bluff Spring Runoff 5k I race direct, scheduled for Saturday during the worst of the storm.

Thursday: 6.2mi, 7:48/mi. A shorts run! And I met the cutest Newfie puppy! Chubby and fluffy and friendly. The picture below isn’t her, but it looks just like her! I really needed the stress relief from planning what to do about the 5k. We postponed it, but haven’t settled on a date yet.

Friday: 5mi, 8:33/mi. Slushy shuffle. The storm started out pretty tame, most of the snow didn’t stick, or turned to slush as it was still too warm.

Saturday: 3mi, 8:29/miHad to get out a bit in the storm. It was pretty wet, but amounted to about 11″ by the time I ran.

Sunday: 12.1mi, 7:14/mi. First good run in awhile! Fairly hilly, at 800ft gain, windy and still pretty wet, but it was 54º so I got to wear shorts again. I was able to pick things up on the downhills and flats pretty well.


Ramblings: After a decent year of training, but few races in 2016, I was injured for nearly three months, with a few almost-comebacks in between. Unfortunately, I forgot to modify my diet during those three months, and some personal stresses added to that. So I put on a fair bit of weight for an off-season. I’m a shorter runner, so 15lbs adds up to a lot! The goal for the time being is to switch some of my food intake to vegetables, and build the running mileage back up. I’m excited for warm weather to add in a bit of cycling as well. I’m not in a hurry, I want to do this in a healthy way that doesn’t sacrifice my training. That was my first time stepping on the scale in months, and was something I could already feel on my body, so it certainly was no surprise. I don’t plan to step on the scale again for a few months, as I prefer to go by “feel.”


Looks just like Ebony, the puppy I met.


Saturday, April 1st, 2017. 9am.


Thursday, March 30th, 2017. 11am.


Facebook was very rude on Saturday. Mere minutes apart, it told me to expect snow, and that it hoped I was enjoying spring.


Bottles for the Spring Runoff 5k, that I thankfully made without the date!



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