Winter’s “Last” Breath

Winter’s “Last” Breath

Here we are again…after numerous teases, it’s cold and snowy again. We got snow twice this week, though not much stuck around here. We may even get snow tomorrow.

I don’t mind it too much, as it means I can go skiing and fat biking, but I am definitely looking forward to dry trails and mountain adventures! In fact, expect a big update in the next couple weeks with some news on that front!

If you read last week’s update, you know I was injured, and didn’t run from Friday-Monday. I HATE not running. Really I do. I despise the word, and hardly ever use it, but I truly can’t stand being injured.
However I also know it’s better to take a couple days, than to take a couple months. And it seems to have worked here. I was able to ease back into training this week with only a few twinges.


Here’s a brief rundown of my week, followed by some pictures.

Monday: Rest and recovery

Tuesday: 5mi run, 8:11/mi. Oh how I’ve missed you, running! 🏃🏽

Wednesday: 7.1mi, 8:30/mi. Major wheeze fest due to cold temps; one inhaler puff was not enough!

Thursday: 3.4mi shuffle, 8:42/mi. 

Friday: Rest and Recovery

Saturday: 7.6mi, 7:50/mi. I made a spaceship!

Sunday:  3.5 hours of skiing with 22,000ft descent. One solid wipeout (video below).     10mi, 7:21/mi. Moderate run. Felt remarkably good after skiing!



Here is a picture and a video from Sunday’s adventure!

Ski day on Sunday. Started out beautiful, then clouded over.


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