When Dogs Attack

When Dogs Attack

Quite a week this week! I started off pretty well, feeling very good with an easy run and strides on Tuesday, and an okay workout after a long day on Wednesday. Things derailed a bit on Thursday and Friday as I fought some extreme overall fatigue from two stressful weeks at work. By the time I get home from my run I’ve been out of the house for 12-13 hours, 9 of it teaching, and that has really added up lately. Luckily, with 5 weeks to go, the end is in sight!


Tuesday: 8mi, 7:36/mi A pretty solid run, with some 30sec on/1min off surges down to 4:35/mi. (Breaking2 pace!) I also got to witness the hilarity that ensued when a kindergarten softball game got derailed by the emergence of a double rainbow… I didn’t stick around to see if the poor adults ever got things back on track!

Wednesday: 12mi, 6:56/mi Workout: 12x2min fast/1min off A big workout for me right now in terms of volume, but I got through it. I was really tired from work, and it was tough getting motivated to get out there.

Thursday: 8mi, 7:48/mi  Feeling totally drained from the week at this point, I was very sluggish on this run (or felt that way anyway.)

Friday: 3mi shuffle, 8:10 Unfortunately feeling some injury twinges, so I cut this one short. I was also sore from the workout and exhausted from the week, so that likely played a part.

Saturday: 16mi long run, 6:46/mi,760ft gain. Well holy crap! First run in a while on (mostly) dirt roads, and it was a great one! Mostly easy effort, with a few short moderate moments up hills. The injury didn’t flare up at all, so hopefully dirt roads are a go now!

Sunday: 7.3mi, 7:19/mi, 1 dog attack  I was headed on the same route as Saturday, figuring it’d be nice to get another smooth, fast easy run… this time about .4mi in, there was a new dog. A not-very-friendly new dog. He immediately started to chase alongside the road at me barking and snapping. He then burst through his invisible fence, and came straight at me. I fell down hard in the ditch, and managed to fend him off with a few well-placed kicks to his face. A passing car somehow managed to get between us and tried to stay between us, blaring the horn. The dog kept trying to come around and over the car to get to me again. I got up as quickly as I could, and picked up the nearest stick. I tried to continue on my run but only managed a few steps before he came after me again. I decided to run alongside the helpful car, which stayed between us, honking the horn the whole way. A neighbor ended up coming to help and try to take the dog home. He had his hands full, as the dog was still trying to get at me. I talked to another neighbor who mentioned he’d been bitten by the dog before just while walking. I took to the rail trail to try to get in my 14mi, but the hip and glute I fell hard on started to hurt after about 3.5mi, so I turned around to come home.

I cringe to think about a child walking along the road there… so I sent the Police Department a detailed report with GPS info and a photo of the dog.

Monday: Rest and recovery.


On a brighter note, here are some pics from the week, as well as a photo of the dog.

I got to hold the 3rd grade bunny during faculty meeting.


Beautiful and meaningful card from a 7th grade student. After a rough dress rehearsal with too many nerves to sing the solo, she turned to me two minutes before it was our turn to perform, and we left the stage to have a conversation that started like this: “Please you can’t make me sing the solo, I can’t do it, don’t make me, I can’t do this.”
Then later, this. Makes it all worth it. Yes, she did it, and she did amazingly well even in front of a huge crowd. Do something that scares you; it’s how you grow.


I don’t have a problem… I don’t have a problem… I don’t have a problem…


Beautiful sunset on Saturday after my long run.


The Dog.
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