Welcome – My Story: The Beginning

Welcome – My Story: The Beginning

Hi everyone. Thanks for the visit! Over time this blog will become much more interesting, but I wanted to start off with a quick story.


I choose to begin my story in late 2012. I was 200+lbs, prediabetic, and had moderately high blood pressure (which had always been low, so this was a warning sign.) I’d been overweight since high school, even when playing soccer and basketball, but during college it really spiraled out of control. I had tried to lose weight and been able to lose 5, 10, even 15 pounds at a time, but it always came back. The stresses of constant semesters with 10-12 college classes at once really took a toll. (Only now do I realize that exercising would have helped my grades.)

After graduating in December 2012, I found myself with much more spare time, and resolved to lose some weight. I didn’t have any lofty goals… I wanted to lose 20-30 pounds so I could be healthy as I got older. I wasn’t looking to run competitively, or get six-pack abs. I honestly wasn’t positive losing 20 pounds and keeping it off was even possible for me. I was very unsure of myself, as I’d tried so many times and failed. My self-esteem was very low, though I like to think I hid that well.

After a lot of work on the elliptical in the gym, for as much as 2.5 hours at a time, I had lost enough weight that I could start to run without hurting my back and knees as much. I had lost about 20 pounds at this point. This was in the beginning of March, 2013. Almost immediately, I set a goal to run a marathon. I was very doubtful I’d succeed, so I didn’t pay the entry fee until 3 weeks beforehand. Even then, I researched the cancellation and transfer policies, I was that unsure.

Four months after starting running, on July 7th 2013, I finished my first marathon in 4:02. I realized then that we write our own story; it is not written for us. I was down to 136 pounds, a 60+ pound loss from my heaviest weight. The race was the beautiful Mad Marathon in Waitsfield, VT, which I highly recommend if you have no interest in running a personal record. It has more (pretty) hills than a lot of trail marathons!


Fast forward one year, and among countless shorter races, I’ve run 3 marathons, my most recent time being 3:15. My next marathon is on July 25th, and if my legs are fresh, I’ve got fitness for sub-3:00.

More fun for me, I’ve found my legs on mountains and trails. I am currently 9th in the USATF-NE Mountain Series, and I came in 89/1100 at the Mt. Washington Road Race, and 83rd at the (INSANE) Loon Mountain Race, which served as the USA Mountain Running Championships. I ran my first Presidential Traverse the weekend between the Mt. Washington race and Loon, and completed the 18+ mile, traverse with 8800ft of climbing in under 7 hours, including breaks.

I’ve lost 60+ lbs. I am healthy; I am strong. My blood pressure is lower than ever, and I have more energy. My ADHD and mild depression, which have plagued me since high school, is all but gone. I can do things I never thought possible. Yes, I have a few percentage points of body fat to lose, and I need to get more consistent with my training, but I’ve found something that I love that keeps me healthy, happy, outdoors and around other people.

My goals are still not lofty; my primary goal is to stay uninjured so I can do this for a long time, because it’s what I love to do. I’d like to move further into the mountain realm, and possibly dive into some ultras in a year or two. My ultimate dream is to finish the Western States Endurance Run.

Just like writing a story begins with picking up a pen, changing your life begins with a single step. I gulped down my fear, took that step, and am so thankful that I did. Never give up on your goals!


Below are the best before/after photos I could find. I was so afraid of photos back then, I had to pull a screenshot from a video assignment I did in college. The after photo is from the USA Mountain Running Championships at Loon Mountain this year, 364 days after my first marathon.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.05.34 AM 54150734-SDM_9819-Edit

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