A (Very) Down Week with a Stella(r) Ski Day

A (Very) Down Week with a Stella(r) Ski Day

This week was a bit rough. I’ve been struggling a bit with stress both at work and in life in general the past few weeks, and this week things seemed to get more difficult. On Wednesday, I felt like I was getting sick, but also had a nagging pain in my lower leg. One of those that’s seemingly everywhere and nowhere all at once. It didn’t seem to hurt afterward, but I was only able to run 2.5mi. I tried again on Thursday, and again only made it 2.5mi before being reduced to a limp. This time it ached afterward for several hours. Not good. Coach David had me take Friday through Sunday off to rest it, so hopefully I’ll be back in the game on Monday!

On a more positive note, I got to reap the beautiful bounty that winter storm Stella brought us by going skiing at Okemo on Saturday. It was an AWESOME day. I’ve never seen it so crowded, with big crowds scrambling to make it on the lift before last chair. Usually things start to clear out by 3 even when it’s busy, but folks couldn’t get enough of the conditions! Hopefully it stays cold in the mountains, and we get to ski a few more weeks.

I really enjoy skiing, but I wish it was more of a workout. I feel so lazy spending 7 hours of my day when half the time is spent sitting in a motorized chair. Next year I’m hoping to get some touring bindings and skins so I can go in the backcountry and actually do a workout!

Here’s the rundown:

Monday: Rest, always.

Tuesday: Snow day! 4mi easy snowshoe down the streets of Charlestown in the blizzard. Literally breaking… road? in the streets, and snowshoeing on a state highway. Not often you can say you did that!

Wednesday: Plan: 1hr moderate. Actual: 25min shuffle, stopped early due to pain and not being able to breathe.

Thursday: Plan: 40min easy. Actual: 20min shuffle, stopped early due to pain.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7 hours of skiing! Managed 23 runs with 30k ft of vert. Beautiful conditions; thank you Stella!

Sunday: 4mi, 1hr+ fatbike ride at Kingman Farm. I was in the area to see some Plymouth people perform in Violet at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre. It was transfixing, phenomenal, mesmerizing… make sure you go see it! Definitely up there with any professional production I’ve seen on or off Broadway.


A few pics and videos are below.

Hope everyone has a great week!



Sunset driving home on Saturday.


Looking east into NH. The mountain in the middle is Ascutney, right on the VT/NH border, so anything beyond is NH.


Links to Strava activity.


Looking northwest into Vermont.


Saturday morning looking east-southeast. The mountain in the distance on the far right is Monadnock I believe.


Evening light!



It was actually easier riding through the untouched snow than trying to stay on the rail.



Fat tires, narrow trail.



Evening at Kingman Farm

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