Three Weeks of May

Three Weeks of May

This run-down will be briefer than normal, as I’ve just been grinding through training with relatively little interesting happening.

The week after the dog attack, my hip was pretty sore, so I had to cut a few runs short. However I still got in a solid weekend, and a solid week the following week.

This past week, I took it a bit easy on Friday and Saturday due to a sore plantar fascia on my left foot, which oddly enough went away as quick as it hit (knock on wood!) I wanted to make sure I was in good shape to pace at Pineland on Sunday.

If you want more information about the Pineland Farms race, you can check out my post from last year. It’s truly a fantastic race, and I enjoyed both pacing and just hanging out cheering folks on this year.

As usual, there are some pictures at the end!

Tuesday 5/9: 2.6mi, extra easy. The hip was very sore from falling in the dog incident; I couldn’t really run much.

Wednesday 5/10: 7mi, easy. Slowly but surely, the hip was getting better.

Thursday 5/11: 10mi, easy. Sunset from the trail on the ridge! This was my first successful trail run since last fall.

Friday 5/12: 5.4mi easy. 

Saturday 5/13: 16mi LR, 1700ft gain with trails! Part trail, part road long run! 614ft in .9mi right at the beginning, but it got better from there.

Sunday 5/14: 14.5mi, 1775ft in Bear Brook! More trails! It felt great to be back in Bear Brook, but I made a route on Strava, and Strava knew about trails that did not exist… so there was quite a bit of bushwhacking. Pictures at the bottom!

Monday 5/15: Rest and Recovery


Tuesday 5/16: 10 easy, 7:39/mi. Still shaking out the vertical weekend!

Wednesday 5/17: 11mi hill workout. Had a little GI issue, but overall this was pretty solid, considering the steepness.

Thursday 5/18: 10mi easy part trail, 1100ft, 8:06/mi. Hybrid runs are hard, because this climb is awful in road shoes.

Friday 5/19: 6mi shuffle. 

Saturday 5/20: 16mi LR, 7:26/mi. Kept this one very chill and extra easy.

Sunday 5/21: 14mi trail, 8:16/mi, 1800ft. Sunday playtime! I ran every trail in Moody Park, with a few easy reps to the top.

Monday 5/22: Rest and Recovery


Tuesday 5/23: 10 easy, 7:45/mi. I love my evening runs… except when everyone in the town is barbecuing and I’m hungry!

Wednesday 5/24: 11.5mi workout, 7:06 avg. Flat interval workout. Felt pretty good, and under control.

Thursday 5/25: 10 easy, 7:45/mi. Sore left foot, out of nowhere! Very odd.

Friday 5/26: 3mi shuffle. Foot (plantar fascia) is still very sore! Not sure where this came from.

Saturday 5/27: 4.2mi shake run, 7:36/mi. Foot soreness is gone! Shaking it out before pacing at Pineland tomorrow.

Sunday 5/28: 14.8mi, 1500ft, 8:57. Keeping Patrick company on his last loop of his 50mi win at Pineland Trails. Closed out the day with a lot of cheering with the trail community.

Monday 5/29: 3mi easy Memorial run. Sometimes there are more people IN your town’s 5min parade than there are watching it.


Snow. Yes, snow on May 14th.


9:00PM, 45º and raining all day. They must have had 4-6″ of snow overnight here… on May 14th…


Bear Brook on 5/14.


Bear Brook on 5/14.


Bear Brook on 5/14.


Bear Brook on 5/14.


Bear Brook on 5/14.


Bear Brook on 5/14.


Bear Brook on 5/14.


Love this shoe! Altra King MT. I’ll probably get a half size larger, and convert this into a biking shoe though.






A few muddy spots at Pineland this year…


If it weren’t for the strap, I’d have probably lost a shoe.





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