Spring At Last!! Mostly.

Spring At Last!! Mostly.

Whew, what a week!

This week was planned as a larger, slower mileage week, but with stressful race-directing issues and report card stress at work, things did not go perfectly as planned. However I got back on track by the end of the week, the race was a success, and I may actually finish report cards on time! The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful too, so there’s nothing to complain about!

Monday: Rest and recovery

Tuesday: 8.5mi at 7:37/miwith Mike

Wednesday: 10mi at 7:35/mi easy solo. Realistically, I probably should have gone slower. This was still easy effort, but my legs aren’t used to that pace several days in a row right now.

Thursday: 7mi at 7:47/mi solo.  Snuck this in a brief dry spot between heavy downpours. Perfect timing! I picked a poor route however, and the camber of the roads really messed with my leg, and I got a sudden resurgence of the most recent niggle, causing a limp for the last 10 steps into my driveway. I’m thankful it didn’t start earlier!

Friday: Rest and recovery. This was supposed to be a run, but between feeling a bit worried about the injury, and busy doing race-prep things, I decided to just rest.

Saturday: Race directing, and 9mi at 8:08/miThe race went off smoothly, despite the frigid weather. It was about 33º but with a strong, gusting wind. Standing around directing was brutal! After getting home, eating and a quick nap, I went out for a nice slow run. I felt better and better throughout the run, which was a great sign!

Sunday: 14.5mi at 7:22/mi with Mike. A fairly hilly run, but a great one! After freezing at the race yesterday, it was great to get some good weather! It was 65º and sunny. Of course, I forgot water and sunscreen… I always do on my first few spring runs, so I have a mild sunburn to show for it. I followed this up with an awesome 12mi, 1hour bike ride with some pictures below! It was great to spend a bit more time in the nice weather!


This week was a near miss I think… I’m very glad it didn’t amount to anything, but the issues at the end of Thursday’s run were definitely on my mind. Looking back, I definitely have not spent enough time with the foam roller the past two weeks, as I’ve been so busy with work and RD’ing. Lessons learned: ROLL ROLL ROLL.


Beautiful day!


Fitness is coming back!

Video from the bike ride

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