A Solid Week and a Down Week

A Solid Week and a Down Week

The last two weeks have been great! I had 70 miles on the schedule for the first week, the 18th-24th, followed by a down week. I didn’t quite get to it all for various reasons, but it was a very strong week of running!

I have been nursing a somewhat-injury the past few weeks, but if I run in the Altra Escalante, I have almost no pain, usually no pain at all. Every other shoe makes it complain. The Escalante is very flexible, yet still very cushioned, and doesn’t have much structure, so I think that’s letting my foot do what it needs to do to not make my leg hurt.

First, on Monday the 17th, a rest day, I went down to Boston with Ken and his son to spectate and cheer at the Boston Marathon. It was an awesome experience! We set up near Heartbreak Hill, which was really easy to get in and out of, and find parking. I took over an hour of video, which you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbKlJxaueSk. We ended up spotting most of the people we knew to look for, which was pretty cool in the big crowds! Next year if I’m not running, I’ll definitely go down again.

Tuesday 4/18: 12mi easy with 10x30sec on/off, 6:54/mi. This was my first run I felt REALLy solid on, like I was approaching the runner I was last year. I also got to meet a black lab puppy and a HUGE full-grown Newfie that his owner actually uses for water rescues! Also 3mi easy spin on the MTB.

Wednesday 4/19: 4mi trail, 6mi road, avg 7:46/mi. I tried a flat trail, but it unfortunately made my leg flare up quite a bit. I slipped on the Escalante again and hit the roads, and it cleared up. Also 4mi easy spin on the MTB.

Thursday 4/20: 12mi easy with 12x30sec on/off, 6:47/mi. It’s like it keeps happening, and I don’t know why or how! All I know is my average pace a week ago was 30sec/mi slower, and three weeks ago was almost a minute slower!

Friday 4/21: Took a chill pill with 5mi at 8:33/mi. A slushy shuffle in the rain.

Saturday 4/22: I had a 16mi LR scheduled, but struggled through 12mi at 7:13/mi due to some gluten contamination and brutal stomach cramps. I waited till late afternoon hoping they’d subside, after being in bed most of the morning.

Sunday 4/23: Banged out yesterday’s LR: 16mi, 6:47/mi. I was pretty well beat from a 67+mi week! Yet I still found energy to go out for an easy hour on the MTB exploring some trails for an hour in the beautiful weather! Check out the photos at the bottom of the post!

Monday 4/24: Alas, back to work after April vacation. The first day back is always the hardest. Mentally, I needed some fresh air, so I did a VERY easy 5mi spin on the MTB along the trail right next to the Connecticut River. (Pics below).

Week Total: 67.5mi


Tuesday 4/25: 8mi easy, 8:12/mi. Just an easy soggy shuffle in the rain to shake out the legs from last week!

Wednesday 4/26: 9mi total, with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1min fast with 1min easy between. 7:12 avg. I finished each interval thinking I didn’t push hard enough, but I’d much rather that than the alternative right now!

Thursday 4/27: 11.3mi easy, 7:49/mi, 800ft gain. After a 12-hour day on my feet teaching and then with my students at a choral festival, I ran back to school from the festival. It was a 1-way bus trip, so I’d have had to arrange a ride, and it was easier just to get my run in then vs. getting up at 4am, or doing it at 10pm. This one took a LOT out of me, partly due to being on my feet, partly due to dehydration.

Friday 4/28: Rest and recovery. I felt I really needed the second recovery day after the draining run the day before and it being a down week after a big mileage jump.

Saturday 4/29: 8mi with a capped HR (152). 7:49/mi. My hips felt pretty tight, so I capped my HR and took it VERY easy on this run. Started to feel better by the end! Plus a short hike up Pitcher Mt on the way back from dropping my iMac off for (an unfortunately very expensive) repair.

Sunday 4/30: 16mi easy, 7:23/mi, 780ft gain. After carpooling up north to take photos at the Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race, photos viewable at Peak Focus Photography, I ran 16mi with Mike. We kept it pretty easy. I had a few miles in the middle where my injury started to hurt, but I massaged it a bit and focused on my feet, and it went away completely by mile 10.

Monday 5/1: Rest and Recovery! (I’m doing my weeks Tuesday through Monday now, to match my training plan, which has a rest day at the end of the week. At least that’s the way I think of it…

Week Total: 52.6mi


Here are some photos from the week!

Jacob Puzey leading Mike Wardian


Mike Wardian


We were a bit before the sign, maybe 19.8.


Jacob Puzey with the awesome Escalante!


Eric Narcisi

Some Videos from Boston: IMG_1821 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1831 (full video linked at top of post).

Shoe love! My feet love the Escalante, and they love me back!


From a MTB ride.


Along the Connecticut River.
Ascutney in the distance.
Sunset wasn’t bad!

School at night after my run back.


My students were awesome!


From the top of Pitcher Mt.


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