The Rebuilding, Part 1

The Rebuilding, Part 1

Things have been touch and go for a few months since the marathon. Twice I ramped up to around 30mpw, only to be brought back to zero for a week for two different reasons. The last few weeks have been going very well, however, and I think I’m on the road to recovery now!


Here’s a brief recap of my week:

Monday: A full day of skiing with a couple of coworkers, thanks to one of them who doubles as a ski instructor at Mt. Sunapee! We had a great day despite pretty thin conditions. You can’t beat a bluebird day, no matter the conditions! We ended up with about 25,000 ft of vertical, for my second-biggest ski day ever.



Tuesday: A double! I went and found French’s Ledges, in Plainfield, after hearing great things about that network of trails. I started with 40 minutes and 5.3mi on the fat bike, followed by 40min and 4.5mi on snowshoes. Conditions were starting to get a little thin in the some spots, and soft in others, but there was a great deal of smooth and fast running and riding!

Wednesday: Workout Wednesday was a bit of a tough one this week, my first workout focusing on efficiency in awhile. The plan from Coach was 20min easy, 15 x 1 minute fast / 1 minute slow, and 20min easy. I finished the workout with 10.4 miles at 7:00/mi, the “fast” intervals were all around 5:05-5:20 pace. Best of all, I felt good! Only the last two intervals started to get a bit rough, but until then I felt strong and quick. A nice change from recent runs!

Thursday: I started this easy run a bit late, and as it was getting dark, I decided to take the trail back. It looked like it had been really nicely packed firm… not so much. I was postholing about 80% of the time, and ended up having to use my Suunto findback feature to get out before I lost all light! 6.4 miles, 8:19/mi

Friday: Friday was scheduled to be a rest day or optional shuffle, but I opted for an easy spin on my road bike, to spin out a bit of DOMS from the workout. I was feeling pretty good overall, and considered going for the shuffle, but I figured since it’s my first workout in awhile, I’d better play it safe!

Saturday: Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe Race. One of my favorite races. Cancelled, for the third time in two years. (Chris tries to reschedule once each year; last year that was successful, this year Mother Nature had other plans.) I decided to do my “long run” on Saturday and did 13 miles, 7:08/mi. Miles 6-12 were all around 6:50, or approximately 50k effort.

Sunday: I drove over to the Seacoast on Sunday, and had an awesome run with Elizabeth, a fellow Altra Ambassador. We ran in the new Altra King MT, and postholed though snow, mud, slush, ice, a few bare trails, and some stream crossings. We were both pleased with the shoes drainage, as it was pretty cold but our soaked feet felt great! Traction was also fantastic on everything but the ice! You can (and should) read Elizabeth’s blog here!

After our run, I drove over to the beach, did a quick bike tour, and took some photos for awhile. A few select ones are below!


Have a great week everyone!

I forgot my aR hat 🙁
King MT!




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