Old Man Winter Returns

Old Man Winter Returns

The buzzword for this week was soreness. After my first race in many months, the Granite State Snowshoe Championship, my calves were SORE.

Running was actually tough for a few days; I felt like my calves had run a marathon with the last 10k at my 5k pace… Luckily by Saturday they started to feel normal, just in time for the -15º windchill!
This week was much colder than past weeks, especially the last few days. Next week, we are expecting a March snowstorm, and could see 8-12″ or more!


Here’s  a brief rundown of the week. Fairly uneventful, but this week was my biggest since September. A down week is next, followed by bigger training!


Links are to Strava if you’re really that interested.

Monday: Rest and recovery (and food)

Tuesday: 6 mile progression of sorts… hobble to shuffle to jog

Wednesday: Workout: 20 easy, 10x 2min/40s, 20 easy. Warmup felt amazingly smooth, but the wind and soreness cut the paces down a bit. 

Thursday: Easy 9mi jog in the brutal wind.

Friday: Rest and recovery

Saturday: -10ºF windchill! 3.1mi on trails, but it was too icy to be safe, even with screw shoes, followed by 6.1mi on the roads

Sunday: 16 miles, 1250ft gain on the roads, 7:34/mi. WINDY.  This run felt pretty good considering the cold, the wind, and that I went in a little sore.

Total: 50.1mi, 6hr 35min


The life of a runner this week in the northeast can be summed up succinctly by this video:


Have a good week everyone!

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