Kingman Farm Trail Race – 2nd place – 24:40

This is a busy weekend! Two races, both approximately 5k, one triail, and one road, and a long trail run on Sunday.

On Saturday, I raced the Kingman Farm Trail Race, put on by acidotic RACING. This was a 3.6 mile course with only about 500 ft of elevation gain, so I expected it to be fairly fast. I didn’t know much more about it, other than I wished my legs were a little fresher.

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I took two days rest after the marathon DNF to heal my foot, and then jumped back in with 25 miles in the next three days, mostly on trails with lots of elevation (to keep the impact on my foot down). I did a few hard hills at 10k effort during the Thursday trail run. My standard off day happened to fall on Friday, so I luckily got a bit of rest before the race.

This turned out to be a nice small race, with lot of great people. Both acidotic RACING and Six03 Endurance saw a great turnout, and the race raised over $1500 for Boston Children’s Hospital. While waiting for the race to start, I decided to run back and get my mud-shoes, the Salomon Fellcross 2, rather than my dry shoes, the Inov-8 TrailRoc 145. GREAT decision.

Vincent Lyon and I charged out ahead at the siren (right after the “go” shout, and right before the vuvuzela). I was determined to follow him closely enough that I didn’t have to follow the flags.

After running a little through the parking lot, we charged into the woods. The first mile was very gentle rolling terrain, and I was able to keep hot on Vincent’s tail without getting quite to max 5k effort.

Mile two saw more significant downhills, and Vincent is quite a bit faster than I am, so I lost quite a bit of ground on every downhill. Had I not switched into the Salomons, I would have lost even more ground.

Mile three started the gradual climb up to the start of Hicks Hill. Near the start, a man told me Vincent was about 20 seconds ahead of me. I started slacking a bit here, as I knew I had a decent gap on 3rd place. Heading up Hicks Hill, I was clipping my max effort for the heat/humidity and still tired legs. I got up the hill with a few quick walking steps through technical sections, but mostly at a decent pace.

Cresting the hill and heading down, there were some tight switchbacks that really slowed my pace from what I wanted. It wasn’t very technical, just slow coming around the turns. I could see Vincent ahead of me, and I’d clearly gained a little ground on the hill, but I wasn’t within striking distance.

I finished in second in 24:40, 13 seconds off of first, and 1:24 ahead of 3rd, for an average pace of 6:51/mi.

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