July-August Race Recap

My training and racing schedule has still been very busy over the past two months, so I’ve had no time to update the blog. However I’ve had some successful training weeks, a few great workouts, and some strong races. Here we go!

Loon Mountain Race – 30th in 1:07:10
I went out feeling quite good throughout the nordic section, but my quads and calves started to feel it about halfway through, and I started to get passed. To make matters worse, Upper Walking Boss was mowed straight up, instead of with switchbacks, so it was worse than ever! I did finish 4-minutes faster than last year, so that’s a plus!

I also did a photoshoot with Matt Baldelli of Matt Baldelli Photography. This was a cool experience, and definitely something very new for me!


Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.21.52 AM
Photo by Matt Baldelli. http://www.mattbaldelli.com


Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.25.08 AM
Photo by Matt Baldelli. http://www.mattbaldelli.com
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.24.52 AM
Photo by Matt Baldelli. http://www.mattbaldelli.com


Bear Brook Half Marathon – 1st overall, 1:43
This race was my first ever race win, and has a full writeup here.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure: Vermont – 1st overall, 38:10
The week after my first win at the Bear Brook Half Marathon, I recovered rather slowly. I think it was a combination of being my longest run since January, my longest race since last summer and a very technical final few miles. The sides of the my lower legs were incredibly sore. I could run, but not a lot. However my legs did recover by Saturday to race the Vermont Race for the Cure 10k as a tempo run, taking the win in 38:10.

Race for the Cure 10k, tempo effort, 1st overall.
Race for the Cure 10k, tempo effort, 1st overall.


USATF-NE Track Championships: 5000 – 17:16
The Friday after the 10k, I raced the USATF-NE Track 5000 Championship. This race didn’t go according to plan as I had a mild injury flare-up and couldn’t race all-out. However I was 1-second over my road 5k PR (17:15) and I kept myself in the same standing for the All-Terrain Runner series.


Kingman Farm Trail Race – 1st overall.
The next week, I drove to the seacoast area and raced the Kingman Farm Trail Race for the second year. Last year I came in second, so I was pumped to race hard enough to take the win this year. I turned on the afterburners for the first half and built myself enough lead that I was able to relax a bit on the harder second half.


Double 5k! One with a win and CR, the other probably my strongest 5k ever, effort-wise.
After two weeks off from racing, I made up for it by racing two 5k’s on the same day.

In the morning, I won and broke the course record at Tristin’s Run in Lebanon NH with a moderate/tempo run. This was a bit hilly (all down, then all up for the most part) but it a nice atmosphere. Newspaper article here. I also won a TomTom GPS watch. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying new shoes, and they rubbed both my achilles completely raw.

So with raw and blistered achilles, I drove home, ate, napped for an hour, then drove to Manchester for the NH XC Festival at Derryfield Park. Upon arriving, I realized I’d forgotten my inhaler and my socks. So I was going to have to wear my shoes with no socks to cover my blistered achilles. It hurt from the very first step of the warmup, but overall I was feeling good. I warmed up for about a mile before the pain was too much, and waited for the gun. When the gun went off, I went up the hill. Everything seemed in slow motion, like the leaders weren’t running as fast as they should… perhaps they knew something I didn’t. Yes. Yes they did. This course was a beast! Hills everywhere, almost constantly steep ups and downs. I raced as hard as I’ve ever done, though I’m sure that was partly due to not having my inhaler. I kept up with Todd Callaghan for awhile, but eventually he put a gap on me. I was about to give out over the last quarter mile, but I was able to hold on and finish ahead of Kasie Enman (and Laura Hagley, who just edged her out for the win) for the first time in awhile! I think this was a really strong race for me, despite the setbacks, and I felt pretty satisfied afterward.


So there it is! I have one weekend off, then my fall season starts in earnest!


5/2 – R.W.Emerson Trail Race 9 mile – 3rd in 1:13:34
5/9 – Merrimack River 10 mile – 15th in 1:06:12
5/17 – Sleepy Hollow Mt. Race 10k – 13th in 45:07
5/23 – Wachusett Mountain 10k – 13th in 21:11 (Climb)
5/30- Margaritas 5k – 3rd in 17:15 (New PR)
6/7 – Pack Monadnock 10mile – 8th in 1:10:59
6/14 – Ascutney Mt. Challenge 3.7mile – 5th in 33:46
6/21 – Mt Washington Road Race – 84th in 1:24:56
6/28 – WCM Traverse (non-race) – 17mi, 8000ft, 9 hours of fun running!
7/5 – Loon Mountain Race (New England Mountain Champs) –  30th in 1:07:10
7/12 – Bear Brook Trail Half Marathon – 1st in 1:43

7/18 – Race for the Cure 10k – 1st in 38:10
7/24 – USATF-NE Track Championship 5000 – 9th in 17:16
8/1 – Kingman Farm Trail Race – 1st in 24:09
8/22 – Tristin’s Run – 1st in 18:13 (course record)
8/22 – NH XC Festival 5k – 27th in 17:37

9/6 – Mt. Greylock Hill Climb
9/12 – Windmill 5k
10/4 – New England Half Marathon
10/11 – Harpoon Octoberfest Road Race
10/17 – Vulcan’s Fury Trail Race
10/18 – CHAD Hero Half Marathon
10/24 – Runaway Pumpkin 10k

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