Injury Update: A Glorious Return!

It’s been touch and go for nearly three months, but I’m finally feeling more confident!

I’ve been feeling better since the back-to-back snowshoe races a few weeks ago, but I could definitely feel that the issue was still there, just behaving itself for once. I was happy though; I could run!


Finally, on the 12th, I had a Physical Therapy evaluation with Dr. Laura Hagley (an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier). I won’t lie, I chose her because I figured she wouldn’t make me stop running unless it was absolutely necessary.

The appointment went well. It’s likely a combination of issues, but the primary one is the sciatic nerve. I was given a set of exercises to do, including nerve glides, stretching and strengthening, and sent on my way for two weeks. She also limited me to no more than six miles in a session but at least six days per week! Doubles are fine. The higher the frequency, the better. Now that’s advice I can get behind!

So far, so good! I’ve been diligent about doing all the exercises at least once a day, often more than once. I’ve been able to get back some mileage, and all but one of the runs has felt great. I think that one rough run (glute/hip tightened up) was because I had to sit all day the day before, and then I did extra exercises to make up for it the day of the run.

This week has been my highest mileage week (and my best-feeling week) since January 25th!

M: 3 mi extremely easy
T: 6 mi easy
W: 4 mi easy (brutal wind on this run, 50mph gusts!)
T: 6 mi easy
F: Rest
S: AM: 6 mi moderate
PM: 6 mi easy
S: AM: 6mi of long and short hill repeats
PM: 3 mi recovery shuffle

Total: 40.2miles, 3888ft elevation gain, 5 hours 30 minutes.

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