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Injury Update: A Glorious Return!

It’s been touch and go for nearly three months, but I’m finally feeling more confident! I’ve been feeling better since the back-to-back snowshoe races a few weeks ago, but I could definitely feel that the issue was still there, just behaving itself for once. I was happy though; I could run!   Finally, on the […]

21 Races in 27 weeks: 2014 Season in Review

My first real season of running, and what a season it’s been! 21 races in 27 weeks. One road marathon, two road half marathons, one mountain half marathon, one trail half marathon, seven mountain races, two track races, one cross-country race, and a handful of other short road and trail races. Eight personal records in […]

Upcoming Races in NH

There are lots of great road, trail and mountain races in New Hampshire, some only a short drive away. With careful planning, you could race twice every weekend! In fact, it sometimes feels that I’ve done that for the past few months. Here is a list of some upcoming races in our area. If one […]