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Injury Update: A Glorious Return!

It’s been touch and go for nearly three months, but I’m finally feeling more confident! I’ve been feeling better since the back-to-back snowshoe races a few weeks ago, but I could definitely feel that the issue was still there, just behaving itself for once. I was happy though; I could run!   Finally, on the […]

A Frustrating, Intermittent Injury

These have been an eventful two months! This post will be short and sweet. I raced a mile race on January first, and got a 25-second PR of 4:35. Unfortunately, I was injured. The best diagnosis I have, from yours truly, is that I knocked my pelvis out of alignment, then ran, which messed with […]

Try, try again. A marathon training update!

As I’ve mentioned, I am running the Hyannis Marathon on February 22nd. While not the best idea weather-wise, I feel the mid-season marathon last year was a bigger mistake. Running four races in four weeks with the third a marathon is not a good idea, and my race suffered for it. I was on pace […]