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May-June Race Recap

The last nine weeks have been intense! All my energy has been going toward training, recovery and my day-to-day life, so it’s been hard to even think about doing blog posts! Nevertheless, here is a brief recap of all the races I’ve done in the past few weeks. The WCM traverse weekend will have it’s […]

2014 CHAD Hero Half Marathon – PR – 7th place – 1:23:16

Going into the 2014 CHAD Hero Half Marathon, I had one goal: to run comfortably, and not hurt myself on the hills. This was a much more challenging course than the New England Half Marathon in September, and I knew I wouldn’t PR. The New England Half Marathon in September. No sustained hills, 374ft of climbing, […]

New England Half Marathon – PR – 11th/1700 in 1:23:57

The New England Half Marathon was an inaugural event this year. Because of the immense draw of Millennium Running’s points series, they had a huge turnout for a first-year event. The race was advertised as a fast downhill race from the Loudon NH Speedway to the NH State Capitol building. My PR, set last September, was 1:36:30, at […]