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Running composite

I am a music teacher, runner, leather crafter, hiker and photographer living in Charlestown, New Hampshire.

I started running in 2013, and have definitely caught the disease. I’ve run for acidotic RACING since 2014. I am also an Altra Ambassador for 2017. I enjoy running in the mountains, and running trails, but I run my fair share of roads as well. Running is fun for me because I like being in nature, like discovering what my body is capable of, and enjoy exploring my limits. Running a mountain trail is certainly the closest I’ll ever come to flying. My primary goal is to love every minute, and stay healthy so I can keep running into old age.

Mile: 4:35
5k: 17:15
10k: 36:35
13.1: 1:20:10
26.2: 3:14:59
50k: 3:50:40
Mt. Washington: 1:26:22
Pineland Trails 50k - Mi 24
Mile 24 of the Pineland Trails 50k



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