2017 Race Schedule

2017 Race Schedule

It has been almost exactly four years since my first 6mi run when I started running! Each year has so far brought very different things for me.

In 2013, I trained for my first marathon, then a half marathon and then didn’t train for a second marathon that year. Mistake.

In 2014, I ran my first trail and mountain races, and ended up doing most of the series and making Mountain Goat status. I also ran my third marathon and current (soft) PR.

In 2015, I ran most of the Mountain Series and a bunch of other races. 28 to be exact. I raced almost every weekend in the spring, summer and fall. As a result, I got very little real training in. Long runs were unheard of. In fact, partly due to the races, and partly due to a nagging injury, I never ran over 14 miles until October 31st, when I ran 15.5 and injured myself in a fall.

In 2016, I cut WAY back on racing. Eight races. Yeah, 28 races… to eight. I concentrated hard on some bigger goal races, including my first 50k (that went pretty well, despite the blow-up.) Then Mt. Washington, which did not go well, but not due to training, just stupidity (dehydration). Then finally, a road marathon that I was attempting to run 2:45. I ended up DNF’ing that race due to stupidity and injury. Needless to say, 2016 left a bitter taste in my mouth. With three out of eight races being successful, it was tough spending the last three months of the year injured. I know that I need to find a better middle-ground in terms of quantity of races. I don’t want to do 28 races and not train. However I also don’t want to do eight races and basically nothing BUT train.


So that’s a long way of saying…..

2017 is going to be a very different year for me! I am planning a road trip out west over the summer, so some races and adventures will be spur-of-the-moment depending on where I happen to be and what’s going on! There will probably be some mountain bike races on my new mountain bike, if I can figure out the whole category thing cyclists have to deal with.

This will also be the first year since 2014 I will skip both the Mt. Washington Road Race and the Bear Brook Trail Half Marathon. I’m very bummed about the second one… not as bummed about the first. This schedule will probably change, and you can be sure lots of adventures sans-bib number will be undertaken, hopefully with all sorts of friends new and old!

Hope to see you out there!



If you feel like keeping up with changes, I will update my 2017 Races page with race changes and results.

Key races are in bold. 

2/25 – Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe Race – Cancelled 🙁

4/1 – Race directing the Bluff Spring Runoff 5k

4/8 – Merrimack River Trail Race

4/29 – Orchard Hill Assault – MTB Race

4/30 – Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race

5/28 – Pineland Trails 25k (possibly 50k depending on training)

6/?? – I’m considering RD’ing and reviving the Mt. Ascutney Road Race!

7/2 – Loon Mountain Race

The next week I will be heading west!

July – Possible Mt. Hood Circumnavigation (40+mi)

July – Possible Grand Canyon R2R2R (48mi)

8/13 – Aspen Backcountry Marathon, Aspen, CO

August and September – Pemi Loop and Presi Traverse

9/4 – Mt. Greylock Road Race

9/10 – North Country Endurance Challenge (possibly the short course as a solo!

October or November – Sunapee to Monadnock Greenway end-to-end (52mi)

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